Is your PC slow or nonresponsive? Do you want to upgrade, add to or have your own custom built PC? That’s why we are here. We offer a variety of services for the everyday home user to the working professional. We will get your PC up and running as it should in no time. Easy, convenient and professional.


  • Customer Drop Off for 5-7 Day Turn Around: $69 Flat Rate for all repairs.

  • Customer Drop Off for 3-5 Day Turn Around: $79 Flat Rate for all repairs.

  • Customer Drop Off for 1-2 Day Turn Around: $89 Flat Rate for all repairs.

  • Same Day Service (10 AM Cut Off): $99 Flat Rate for all repairs.

  • Custom Desktop Diagnostics*: $99-$199 Flat Rate for all repairs

  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service: $129-$149 (based on turn around time). We will pick up your PC, Service it in the house at our office and deliver it completed to you.


  • Parts and Data Recovery not included. Complimentary Data Backup included for free during repairs (when necessary).

  • If your repair requires parts to be ordered in, your repair will automatically be reduced (in cost) to the appropriate time.

  • Custom Desktop Diagnostics start at $99 and goes up to $199 depending on complexity. Certain variables such as AIO watercoolers or custom water loops would account for this. **Prices shown are per computer.


  • $75/hr – 1-Hour Minimum.

  • Las Vegas Valley/Henderson ONLY. Lake Mead, Mt Charleston, etc. have an additional $25 Service Call Fee.


We specialize in Desktop PC and Laptop repair services. We will diagnose your problem and suggest the course of action for repair. Let us pinpoint the problem and resolve it you. Here are some of the diagnostic and repair services offer.

  • Hardware & Driver Conflicts

  • Bluescreen Error

  • Windows Errors or Crashing

  • Shutdowns, slowdowns or hard locks (locking up)

  • Hardware replacement (displays, RAM, hard drives, keyboards, etc.)

  • Driver Installation/Updating

  • Malfunctioning hardware


Virus’s and Malware are everywhere. With our devices constantly connected to the internet its easier than ever to have an infected PC. New forms of Malware are coming out all the time. If you think your PC has been compromised, contact us right away and allow us to disinfect and clean your PC of malicious content. We will also supply you with the knowledge and tools necessary to help keep you safe in the future.


Does you PC need a little more speed and power? Are you tired of the choices available in stores and want a custom built PC? We have you covered. Computers are designed to be modular. Each part can be selected individually to fit each need.

 We can build you a custom PC or Laptop to fit your needs. Whether it’s daily use for personal or business, gaming or job specific, there is a custom option for you. Or if your PC is simply aging, you have the option to add in a few select parts and give it a new life. All PCs are Made-To-Order with brand new, quality parts only. We will never use low-quality parts.

Please check out our Custom PCs page for more info on what we offer.


Is your data no longer accessible? Do you have hard drives, flash drives or backup data you can no longer use? We can help get that Data back. Have drive failures fall into typically two categories:

  • Powers on and functional, but unable to be accessed or read. This is know as a software conflict/issue

  • Powers on and makes noises, clicks, scratches etc. OR does not power on at all. This is known as a hardware failure

The first  failure which is typically software conflicts are fixable through out services. These generally fall under the basis that the disc and data are intact and the data needs to be extracted from the drive. In some cases a failure to power on is also fixable due to the possibility of a bad power supply issue.

Any know physical defect or problems with the drive that render the data inaccessible caused by hardware issues generally require a much great level of repair. These types of problems render the disc drive unusable in its current state and requires hardware to be swapped around in a clean-room environment. This type of data recovery cost substantially more and must be done by a select few companies throughout the US.


We offer a wider variety of services. We can’t possibly cover each of them. Contact us today and see if we can help you with your Tech needs. Here are some of the other services available.

  • PC optimization

  • Windows Installation & Setup

  • Windows Password Removal

  • Network setup and installation

  • Computer cleaning

  • Home Automation setup (Smart Devices)

  • Security Camera (IP) Setup

  • Printer Setup & Installation